Job Description

  1. Monitor, receiving, storing, packing/unpacking, loading/unloading of goods/stock
  2. Arrangement and store packaging products/ stock items in the proper allocated location
  3. Pack orders according to invoice specifications and label them accordingly
  4. Maintain cleanliness / good housekeeping in store
  5. Communicate any issues or problems to the warehouse supervisor



  •  Able to read and speak Basic English
  • Able to work on 5.5 days work week
  • Able to lift up to 20 kg
  • Previous experience in warehouse or goods packing would be an added advantage
  • Open to Citizens from Singapore, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korea, Macau and Hong Kong


 Staff Benefits

  • Competitive remuneration packages
  • Staff discount purchases for medical items & devices
  • Staff Lunch provided
  • Staff Public transportation allowance
  • Fixed working hours/ No working shifts
  • Annual leaves
  • Outpatient Medical coverage
  • Group hospitalisation & Surgical Insurance Coverage
  • Annual Wage Supplement (AWS)


    Desired Skills and Experience

    Warehousing, Logistic Support, Inventory, Physically Fit, Good communication skills, Team Player, Able to Work Independently


    Please submit your job application via this link If you are interested in this position.

    We appreciate your interest. Shortlisted applicants will receive a notification once their application is assessed. We look forward to having your application.



    1. 职位描述
    2. 货物/库存的监控、接收、存储、包装/拆包、装卸
    3. 在适当的分配位置安排和存储包装产品/库存物品
    4. 根据发票规格包装订单并贴上相应标签
    5. 保持店内清洁/良好的内务管理
    6. 与仓库主管沟通任何问题



    • 能够阅读和说基本英语
    • 能够每周工作5.5天
    • 最多可举起 20 公斤
    • 以前在仓库或货物包装方面的经验将是一个额外的优势
    • 对来自新加坡、马来西亚、台湾、韩国、澳门和香港的公民开放



    • 有竞争力的薪酬待遇
    • 员工购买医疗物品和设备的折扣
    • 提供员工午餐
    • 员工公共交通津贴
    • 固定工作时间/无轮班
    • 年假
    • 门诊医疗保险
    • 团体住院和手术保险
    • 十三薪 / Annual Wage Supplement (AWS)



    仓储, 后勤支持, 库存, 体格健壮, 良好的沟通能力, 有团队精神, 能独立工作


    如果您对此职位感兴趣,请通过网页或致电 64537075 提交您的工作申请。

    我们感谢您的兴趣。 入围申请人将在其申请被评估后收到通知。 我们期待您的申请。