What we offer

Tong Hai Medical is your one-stop-shop for all your medical supplies and rehabilitation needs. We specialise in products and services that cater to families with senior folks and young children. Our staff are always available to listen to your needs and provide you with the best possible solutions.

True value for money

At Tong Hai Medical, we strive hard to offer our customers the best value for money they can find in Singapore. We believe that better products should not come at a hefty price tag, so our customers can enjoy the best products at competitive prices.

Family-oriented healthcare retail business

We take care of the needs of all members in your family, from infants to adults and seniors, and have been doing so since 1994. We are proud to say that we have served over a few generations of patients, who were given the best possible services by our highly qualified staff.

We always do more than just talk

Tong Hai Medical is committed to giving back to society whenever we can because we believe that this is what life is all about. We are a company with a wide range of interests, so we need to be able to give something back and contribute our ideas. The team at Tong Hai Medical is dedicated to the cause and do not need any more motivation than that.

My first visit. The sales lady was v helpful in explaining the various products available, more useful than the product's own website😀. Also gave me free samples on her own accord even though my purchase was less than $20. Glad i went there, would recomm. Tk u.

sin yee chao via Google Reviews

This review pertains to product availability and pricing; and service provided. Store is well-stocked with essential medical supplies such as post-op skin wipes at competitive prices for a mom-and-pop store. They even have colostomy and stoma supplies. Staff can place an order for you if stock isn’t available in the store. Turn around is a few business days. There are always patrons whenever I visit. Staff are always attentive and helpful whenever I appear to be looking for something, especially the supervisor/owner. To the haters, please have patience, and support local mom-and pop stores. This store is neither a non-profit nor ntuc so please don’t demand rock-bottom prices. .

Ally Lin via Google Reviews

Friendly staff who patiently explain to you the usage of the medical items. Items are cheaper compare to shopping mall pharmacy.

P H via Google Reviews

All the medical supplies are at a reasonable price and affordable; this store is highly recommended to everyone.

Fujiwara Takumi via Facebook Reviews

Responsive replies and helpful staff who are willing to help the heavy cartons of supplies to the car. A loyal customer here!

Genin Koh via Google Reviews

The store had everything I needed for my elderly parent. The prices are reasonable, and the staff is good. I had no idea what to buy, but they patiently explained and taught me about the products (wheelchair, cushions, walking frames, portable commode). Though it is very far away from where I live, it is worth the trips. I have definitely become a loyal customer.

Daniel Tay via Google Reviews

Excellent service is given by the admin, even though they're busy.

Eddy Tan via Facebook Reviews

I commend the lady who assisted me last time. She was very approachable and kind.

Bella Chua via Google Reviews

Helpful and fast response to my WhatsApp enquiries and orders! The prices of medical supplies are cheaper than mall pharmacy.

Beatrice Chin via Google Reviews

The seller was helpful in fulfilling orders through my phone. The WhatsApp response saved me time in making the trip down to place an order. Support local business!

Lena Ong via Google Reviews

Professional and very friendly staffs. You can go in without knowing what you need, but the staffs will ensure that you get suitable stuff for your needs.

Steven Ong via Facebook Reviews

The medical items sold here are affordable. Above $200 of purchase will render no delivery charge!

Giant Mobile via Google Reviews

Got all my things from them for my mum. Great and friendly service, price is affordable.

Beverley Le via Google Reviews

Wholesale medical supplier

Akideoni via Google Reviews

I have had a great experience with every interaction/purchase with Tong Hai, esp with Jimmy. My group of friends decided that during last Xmas, we would collect money to donate to charity. So I approached Tong Hai, which is recommended by a house visit nurse my auntie used. I did not even have to go down to the shop. The people who attended to me are very passionate and compassionate and super super wonderful, especially Jimmy. When he heard that my purchase is for a good cause, he is so great that he coordinates everything with the home we are donating to, giving me all accountability and traceability. All just simply thru phone and text. I recommended a friend whose husband is in his final stage of cancer. They needed many medical items. My friend found the staff that they approached truthful and helpful. Tong Hai even offered them an old wheelchair for free. I recently approached him again to seek advice on the wheelchair for my godchildren's grandparents; he is so knowledgeable and, again, patient and provides great info. His priority advice for me is safety for the users, not selling the wheelchair. Bravo Tong Hai and Jimmy!!! May God bless you all for your very very kind and sweet gesture. Thank you!

Dee Ling Teo via Facebook Reviews

I came here when the nearby Rehabilitation Centre and its pharmacy do not have Urinary Catheter Silicone 12FR. The shop assistant who assisted me is extremely helpful and patient in speaking to the nurse over the phone on a few issues. The shop is neatly packed, organised and clean.

Helen Chua via Google Reviews

Very friendly staff

D. Arivananthan via Google Reviews

First time to Tong Hai. Was introduced by my colleague, Lay Ling. Jimmy was our sales advisor at Tong Hai. He wasn’t pushy; he gave advice. We left with a smile. Great experience!

Juliana I via Google Reviews

The price is reasonable

Kyaw Paing via Google Reviews

The price is reasonable, and the store had everything I needed for my grandmother.

Magdalene Goh via Google Reviews

Reasonable Pricing

Jerome Y via Google Reviews

The staff here are knowledgeable, kind and extremely helpful. They have helped me save money by recommending similar but cheaper products at their store on many occasions. Great service!

Grace Ong via Facebook Reviews

Hardworking boss

Hamilton Lee via Google Reviews

Highly recommend this shop for medical & rehab supplies at the most reasonable price. Not only that, their rehab equipment is reliable, and great service is always guaranteed. Jimmy is always responsive, considerate & helpful. Many thanks for all your help & advice for the past six years.

May Thandar Win via Facebook Reviews