Do we provide free delivery?

We provide free delivery within Singapore for orders worth >$180. For purchases below $180, we gotta charge a delivery fee of $10 to cover our overheads.

How do you place an order?

You can either call or message us! The details are found here.

How long does delivery take?

We process orders within one working day. You should receive your goods within 3 working days from the date of confirmation. 

Should there be any unforeseen circumstances where delivery is delayed, we will inform you personally to arrange for the next best alternative delivery timing.

We recommend our clients plan and place their orders earlier during each public holiday to better manage your expectation. Delivery may take up to 5 working days given a surge in orders.

What is the estimated time of arrival of your purchases order?

Our delivery team can provide you with more accurate estimated time of goods arrival on the day of delivery, made possible with the help of an industry-leading Delivery Route Planning application.

It allows you to run your errands and minimise the waiting time!

    What are our delivery hours?

    Our delivery hours are as below (excluding Public Holidays):

    Monday - Friday: 12PM - 6PM

    Saturday: 10AM - 2PM

    How do we ensure that the delivery of correct supplies?

    There are two options of goods check upon delivery.

    We strongly recommend to our client to opt-in for goods check upon delivery. We identify and rectify any discrepancy during this goods check.

    The other option is for the client to opt-out for goods check, which we discourage our client from taking up this option. We reserve the rights to disregard any discrepancy claims for the client who rejects goods check upon delivery.